Episode 22: Fake It Until You Make It, with Kelly Hatfield

Kelly Hatfield is co-founder of Enginuity Advantage, Advantage Staffing Group, Enginuity Virtual Recruiter and Impact Real Estate Real Estate Group based in Everett, Washington. She has been in the recruiting and HR field for over 20-years and loves serving others. Kelly and her business partner have built three successful companies with the purpose of helping others succeed and delivering remarkable results. Kelly and her team strategically align themselves as The Partner of Choice with clients and strive to be the first place clients call when they are looking for extraordinary service, quality, and reliability. The resulting outcome has been an outstanding referral network that has built and continues to build their companies.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Kelly’s background
  • Why “extraordinary service, quality, and reliability” are so important to Kelly and her team
  • Kelly’s job out of college that she hated but stuck with for a year
  • The recruiting job after that which Kelly fell in love where she met her business partner April
  • The challenges of the early days of their business
  • How they got going in engineering recruiting without an engineering background
  • What Kelly’s life was like growing up
  • Kelly’s memories of her parents arguing about money
  • Why Kelly is equal with her husband in terms of their finances
  • Why investing in real estate has been great for Kelly and her husband
  • Kelly’s mistakes with credit cards early on
  • The big defining moments in Kelly’s life (and where her entrepreneurial spirit came from)
  • Why Kelly doesn’t regret anything
  • Why Kelly wants to learn more about investing

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