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Episode 56 – Don’t Give Up Your Dreams  – With Kim Manning

Ever since Kim Manning was 10 years old, she planned on becoming an attorney. But at that time, her dream felt like a tall order. Maybe even impossible.

Kim’s parents became separated that same year, and the family’s income plummeted. Kim and her mother landed in welfare housing after losing their home. Relying on food stamps and Medicaid became their new way of life.

But Kim didn’t give up on her dream– and neither did her mother.

In this episode, Attorney Kim Manning, Director of Legal Services at UPMC Susquehanna, tells the story of her mother’s ingenuity and resilience. Relentless and fiercely creative, her mother would make sure that Kim achieved her goal of becoming an attorney.

I hope you enjoy this episode as Kim shares her experience with navigating a career in law, parenting a child with an intellectual disability– and how her mother’s lasting influence has helped her do both.