Episode 89: Doctor Me First

Today on Power of the Purse, I’m talking to Errin Weisman, DO, a life coach, podcaster, and fierce wellness advocate who helps inspire female physicians and working moms to do the work they love and absolutely love life. She reminds us that change is possible; the goal is to have a joyful and sustainable career.

In this breathtaking episode, Errin Weisman, DO reveal how she lost herself in the process of becoming a doctor. After experiencing burnout, Errin realized that she was a completely different person. She used to love going to the library and reading. However, it had been seven years since Errin read a book for pleasure. To be a good doctor, Errin knew that she needed to be herself. So, Errin stepped back and found a life coaching program. Tune in as Errin explains how one-on-one coaching helped transform her entire life and why she is no longer practicing medicine.

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