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Episode 82: Planning for Financial Independence with Haleh Moddasser

Episode 82:  Haleh Moddasser chats with us about how women can plan for financial independence, utilize our control of our wealth, and create change in a man-centric world.

Haleh Moddasser, author of “Gray Divorce, Silver Linings: A Woman’s Guide to Divorce After 50” and Senior Vice President of Stearns Financial Group is here to bring some important topics to light.

Did you know that divorce over the age of 50 is growing at twice the rate of divorce in general?

Due to this shocking statistic, Haleh sits down with Lynn to discuss how women should be planning for financial freedom from a young age. As she states, “a man is not a plan”, so it’s important for women to learn about their finances, how to make investments, and what their options are in the event of a divorce.

Haleh also points out that women own a LARGE portion of the wealth in America. So what are they doing with that power? What they should be doing is:

  • Investing!
  • Closing the wage gap.
  • Bringing women into power positions.
  • Creating change.

Join us for an inspiring and empowering episode that will give you the confidence you need to seek more knowledge about your finances. Ladies, we have the power of the purse, so let’s use it!

Resources:|Power of the Purse: Fear-Free Finances for Baby Boomer Women |

Episode 81: Nancy Giere gives us a comic take on life, dating, business, and success

Nancy Giere is a motivational speaker, voice-over performer, and comedic entrepreneur who’s Sicilan background has bred a lifelong commitment to finding the humor in all things. She is also the host of “Laugh at First Swipe”, a podcast that explores funny stories related to dating in the digital age.

Over the year’s Nancy’s experience has given her a unique insider’s perspective on how businesses operate, which is a valuable viewpoint for any woman to have in the professional world. Listen in as Nancy and Lynn discuss how the combination of Nancy’s professional and personal experience has produced invaluable life lessons for the modern day woman.

In this episode Lynn S. Evans and Nancy will discuss:

  • Viewpoints on modern day dating
  • Reinventing yourself in the face of dissatisfaction and boredom
  • How it’s better to laugh than cry
  • Keeping your “mess in the kitchen”
  • Childhood lessons that have shaped Nancy’s career


Tune in for a comedic spin from a successful role model!

Resources:|Power of the Purse: Fear-Free Finances for Baby Boomer Women |

Episode 79: Bill Borton explains the top 5 mistakes people make when planning for retirement

Retirement takes a great deal of planning. Thinking about retirement can be overwhelming because there are many financial decisions that need to be made–because you don’t want your money to run out before you do.  Maybe you are worried that you will make less than favorable decisions about how you will create a financially secure retirement? Today’s episode will ease your mind. Listen as Lynn and her guest, Bill Borton, discuss the top 5 mistakes people make when planning for retirement.  

Bill Borton is the founder and managing principal of W.R. Borton & Associates, LLC. He is a retirement risk management and income planning specialist who predominantly serves high networth clients. He is also the host of Live Better, Longer on RVN-TV.

Listen in as Lynn and Bill discuss the top 5 mistakes people make when planning for retirement.  Learn how to: 

  • Maximize social security
  • Choose your healthcare options
  • Have the conversation about long term care with your loved ones
  • Use home equity and reverse mortgages as an income stream
  • Determine if an annuity is right for you

Tune in now to learn about ways that you can make your money work for you in retirement!

Resources:|Power of the Purse: Fear-Free Finances for Baby Boomer Women | W.R. Borton & Associates

Episode 78 – Achieving Success by Combining Your Strengths and Passions with Nicole Jansen

Have you been looking for a way to do what you love, tap into your authentic self and achieve success–both monetarily and personally? Today’s episode will inspire you to look for ways to recognize your strengths and passion to help you achieve the outcomes you desire.

Lynn speaks with Nicole Jansen, a Human Behavior Specialist, and a business owner and entrepreneur who has helped thousands of leaders and organizations earn millions of dollars by bringing value to the marketplace for over 30 years.  Nicole is the founder of Discover The Edge, host of the Leaders of Transformation Podcast, and co-author of the book, Power Up, Super Women.

Listen in as Lynn and Nicole discuss:

  • Questions you can ask yourself to determine what you are passionate about
  • Ways to assess your strengths and validating them
  • Moving out of the fear of not trying and leveraging your strengths to become the best and most successful you!

Tune in now to learn how to combine your unique strengths and passions to create magic and achieve success in your life! 


Resources:|Power of the Purse: Fear-Free Finances for Baby Boomer Women |Discover The Edge |Power Up Superwomen | Leaders of Transformation Podcast

Episode 77 – Transitioning from spectator to motivator with guest Angela Marshall

Lynn speaks with Angela Marshall, also known as Author Stone, who a native of Augusta, Georgia, an entrepreneur and positive words powerhouse. She is also the author of “Reality to Rags to Riches; The Story and Life of an Ex NFL Wife.”

Lynn and Angela discuss Angela’s experiences as an NFL wife, how she has transitioned from spectator to motivator, and how she has used an athletic mindset in order to achieve success.

Angela speaks in-depth about her struggles, her challenges, and her successes and how when people read her story, not only are they liberated by it, but they are able to use it to turn their own stumbling blocks into success.

Resources: | Power of the Purse: Fear-Free Finances for Baby Boomer Women | In Other Words By Stone Reality to Rags to Riches – The Story and Life of an Ex-NFL Wife 

Episode 76 – How to relocate or downsize without the stress with guest Lori Ligorio

If you are ready to move into your second home because of retirement or perhaps a parent has passed and you are tasked with selling their house (and trying to figure out what to do with 50 years accumulated possessions), you may be feeling overwhelmed and thinking, “I NEED HELP!” Today’s episode is sure to take away that stress and provide you with alternatives to doing it alone!

On today’s episode, Lynn speaks with Lori Ligorio, the owner of Caring Transitions of Scranton.  After a 20 year career with Bank of America, Lori opened up Caring Transitions which provides services for seniors who are entering transitions in their lives.  Transitions such as needing to move in with family, retirees who are looking to move into their second home permanently, and couples downsizing after a divorce.

Listen in as  Lynn and Lori discuss ways to liquidate the contents of a home, how to find cost-effective alternatives to hiring traditional movers and tips to determine the value and importance of family possessions. 

Here are just a few things that Lynn and Lori discuss:

  • That you don’t need to do it all alone, seeking help from a company like Caring Transitions will help minimize stress and save you money!
  • Hiring movers isn’t always the most cost-effective solution–and there are tons of alternatives to traditional movers.
  • Moving and taking inventory when moving can conveniently be done remotely when necessary.
  • When an estate sale is necessary to maximize profits and liquidate the contents of a home.
  • How to determine the value and importance of family possessions.

Tune in now and learn about the help that is available when you or a family member is transitioning or downsizing into a new home!

Resources: | Power of the Purse: Fear-Free Finances for Baby Boomer Women | Caring Transitions

Episode 73 – Transitioning From Working Life To A Retirement Lifestyle

Lynn sits down with Autumn Nessler, a certified retirement options coach, who specializes in assisting women who are transitioning from their working life to a retirement lifestyle of their own design.  Autumn’s company is An Intentional Life LLC and its approach is to help women understand that retirement is more than just having enough money.  40 percent of people in retirement find that they are suffering from depression within their first year without a plan. Autumn helps women design a non-financial retirement plan that defines a unique and intentional retirement lifestyle.

Lynn and Autumn discuss the reasons that retirement for women is very different from men.

Tune in now to as Autumn discusses the reasons why she works solely with women.

Resources: | Power of the Purse: Fear-Free Finances for Baby Boomer Women

Friday Fables, Episode 3: What Happens When You’re Not Emotionally Ready to Retire?

Welcome to this week’s episode of Friday Fables. Today, Lynn tells us a short story about a woman who’s financially ready for retirement…and is still dragging her feet. Enjoy the listen!