Episode 82: Planning for Financial Independence with Haleh Moddasser

Episode 82:  Haleh Moddasser chats with us about how women can plan for financial independence, utilize our control of our wealth, and create change in a man-centric world.

Haleh Moddasser, author of “Gray Divorce, Silver Linings: A Woman’s Guide to Divorce After 50” and Senior Vice President of Stearns Financial Group is here to bring some important topics to light.

Did you know that divorce over the age of 50 is growing at twice the rate of divorce in general?

Due to this shocking statistic, Haleh sits down with Lynn to discuss how women should be planning for financial freedom from a young age. As she states, “a man is not a plan”, so it’s important for women to learn about their finances, how to make investments, and what their options are in the event of a divorce.

Haleh also points out that women own a LARGE portion of the wealth in America. So what are they doing with that power? What they should be doing is:

  • Investing!
  • Closing the wage gap.
  • Bringing women into power positions.
  • Creating change.

Join us for an inspiring and empowering episode that will give you the confidence you need to seek more knowledge about your finances. Ladies, we have the power of the purse, so let’s use it!

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