Episode 81: Nancy Giere gives us a comic take on life, dating, business, and success

Nancy Giere is a motivational speaker, voice-over performer, and comedic entrepreneur who’s Sicilan background has bred a lifelong commitment to finding the humor in all things. She is also the host of “Laugh at First Swipe”, a podcast that explores funny stories related to dating in the digital age.

Over the year’s Nancy’s experience has given her a unique insider’s perspective on how businesses operate, which is a valuable viewpoint for any woman to have in the professional world. Listen in as Nancy and Lynn discuss how the combination of Nancy’s professional and personal experience has produced invaluable life lessons for the modern day woman.

In this episode Lynn S. Evans and Nancy will discuss:

  • Viewpoints on modern day dating
  • Reinventing yourself in the face of dissatisfaction and boredom
  • How it’s better to laugh than cry
  • Keeping your “mess in the kitchen”
  • Childhood lessons that have shaped Nancy’s career


Tune in for a comedic spin from a successful role model!

Resources:  LynnSEvans.com|Power of the Purse: Fear-Free Finances for Baby Boomer Women | http://nancygiere.com/