Episode 38: How to Leverage the Technology Curve, with Vicki Harte

As a creative concierge, Vicki Harte helps bridge the gap between marketing strategy and execution. With 20 years of marketing and creative services experience, Harte Marketing Cooperative navigates the complexities of marketing for clients. Its unique cooperative structure gives clients an a la carte access to top marketing pros without adding to their headcount or tackling the time-consuming process of finding, interviewing and choosing vendors on their own. Led by founder Vicki Harte, Harte Marketing Cooperative takes a refreshingly different approach to tackling marketing initiatives of all sizes. Vicki is also the founder of a gourmet food line for Compleat Chef: Nice & Naughty Nuts, Madame Marmalade, Nice & Naughty’s Pecan Bourbon BBQ Glaze and The Sunday Morning After Flax Waffle & Pancake Mix.

How to contact Vicki: