Episode 17: Be Patient with the Process, with Dr. Eliza Chin

Dr. Eliza Chin is an Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine at UCSF. She has been actively involved in AMWA for over a decade, serving as President during AMWA’s 95th Anniversary Year. She has a particular interest in the history of women in medicine and the stories of women physicians during all stages of their careers. She is the author of, This Side of Doctoring: Reflections from Women in Medicine. Working with and collaborating with women physicians leaders is her passion and she is honored to be AMWA’s Executive Director, to serve the organization that has provided her with so much support. Dr. Chin is a graduate of UC Berkeley, Harvard Medical School, and Columbia University, Mailman School of Public Health. She was Assistant Professor of Medicine at Columbia for many years before relocating to California where she continues to teach medical students and practice medicine part-time.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • What inspired her to become a physician
  • Dr. Chin’s passion for teaching
  • Why Dr. Chin tells young physicians (and future physicians) to choose wisely
  • Why it’s important to be patient with the process and not seek instant gratification
  • Why success looks different for everyone
  • The challenges of being completely present in every aspect of life — and why you have to be a hero to your loved ones
  • The wonderful Mother’s Day card she received from her daughter
  • Why Dr. Chin doesn’t think she will ever completely retire (and why that’s increasingly more common)
  • What Dr. Chin learned from her mother
  • How Dr. Chin takes care of herself
  • Why young women need to think about their finances really early on


Part 1 of our interview with Dr. Chin is available here.