Episode 18: There Are Season in Every Aspect of Life, with Carrie Hartunian Smith

Carrie Hartunian works with business owners and entrepreneurs to develop accelerated growth strategies in highly competitive industries. She creates and executes strategic growth plans, directing integrations and marketing automation, as well as manages projects and establishes benchmarks for success. Her expertise in fostering winning cultures, increased productivity, and reducing costs in mission-driven environments are just a few of her recognized talents as a talented and accomplished leader.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Carrie’s transition from entrepreneur to employee and back to entrepreneur
  • Carrie’s love for making a difference in people’s lives
  • How she tracks progress with her clients by tracking small wins and looking at the big picture
  • Carrie’s life growing up and her family’s big move from Connecticut to Arizona in the 70s
  • Carrie’s first real job as a hostess at age 14 and getting into retail during her home-ec classes
  • How Carrie realized she didn’t have to be good at school to be good at life
  • Carrie’s very unique first memory of money (underneath a water bed!)
  • The time when Carrie worked with her dad
  • How she deals with whatever threatens her financial security
  • Financial mistakes Carrie has made in the past
  • What Carrie’s future looks like, financial and otherwise
  • Carrie’s bad luck with the market

Ways to contact Carrie: