Episode 19: When Are You the Most Creative?, with Michele Stuart

Michele S. Stuart, PMP, has performed management improvement, cost reduction, systems and statistical analysis for over 35 years. With a Masters degree in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research from Virginia Tech, Michele has an extensive background in project management, business process re-engineering, productivity and methods improvement, workspace/warehouse layout and redesign, inventory control, and staffing, scheduling and routing improvement.

She is President and founder of Efficiency Engineers, a consulting firm specializing in Business Optimization through Industrial Engineering and Information Technology formed in 1994.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Michele’s recent Entrepreneur of the Year award given to her by the Society of Women Engineers, a global professional society representing 43 countries
  • How Michele decided to become an engineer as a kid, even when it was a very uncommon career choice for women
  • Talks Michele gives to get children interested in engineering
  • How she chose industrial engineering
  • How engineering has changed for women from when Michele started to today
  • Michele’s virtual company: how she created it and how she manages it
  • The unique question Michele asks people before hiring them
  • Why Michele’s only lost two employees in 22 years
  • What Michele learned as a “military brat” and why she loved growing up that way
  • What she learned about value over cost as a kid
  • How Michele’s parents treated allowance and the lessons she learned because of that
  • Why starting her business was the best and worst financial decision Michele ever made
  • How Michele and her husband have shared the load throughout her life
  • Why Michele has thought more about retirement in the last year than she ever has
  • The Biology teacher that was a huge influence in Michele’s life

Ways to contact Michele: