Episode 51: Understanding the World of Luxury Asset-Backed Lending, with Claire Hillier

Claire Hillier is the Managing Director of Commercial Lending at Borro. She is responsible for the end-to-end client experience, deal structuring and new lending across the group. Claire spends much of her time working with clients and partners tailoring lending solutions. Prior to joining Borro, Claire was Senior Channel Manager for Lloyds Banking Group’s personal loans business, responsible for telephony lending performance at Lloyds, Bank of Scotland and Halifax. Claire has a strong client-facing background and has more than 14 years’ experience working within financial services.

Episode 50: What Baby Boomer Women Need To Know About Caregiving, with Sally Hurme

Sally Hurme is an estate planning elder law attorney and an author of six books. She worked on Capitol Hill for six years, where she realized that it was apparent a woman needed an advanced degree. Sally went to law school in the ‘70s when there were very few women students or professors. She started a practice in Alexandria, Virginia, when there were very few women attorneys. When she decided to start a family, she withdrew from the partnership. She cobbled together part-time positions for a couple of years, so not to have a gap in her resume. Networking brought in opportunities but she never really applied for a position. One position led to another and finally to 23 years at AARP, 8 years teaching elder law as an adjunct professor, and six books. 

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Episode 49: How To Get the Most Out of Medicare, with Patricia Barry

Episode 49: How To Get the Most Out of Medicare, with Patricia Barry 

Patricia Barry is a journalist and a sought-after expert on Medicare. She is the author of Medicare for Dummies. Patricia worked with AARP for 18 years, writing about Medicare, and she continues now as a resource for people who have questions about Medicare — she’s answered over 14,000 of them!

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Episode 48: Navigating the Emotions and Challenges of Wealth

Episode 48: Navigating the Emotions and Challenges of Wealth, with Thayer Cheatham Willis

Thayer Cheatham Willis is an internationally acclaimed author, educator, speaker, and leading authority in the area of wealth counseling. She’s been a licensed practicing psychotherapist since 1990 and her primary focus is on facilitating the work of inheritors and their families as they cope with the psychological challenges of wealth. Accredited with an MA from the University of Oregon and an MSW from Portland State University, Thayer is a licensed clinical social worker, specializing in wealth-related issues.

Working privately with a global client base, she has helped over 1,000 inheritors and their families in eight countries and four continents resolve wealth-related family conflicts. She is the author of Navigating the Dark Side of Wealth: A Life Guide For Inheritors and Beyond Gold: True Wealth For Inheritors, which focuses on how individuals can be responsible for the financial wealth in their lives. She is also the president of Willis Management, Inc. 

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Friday Fables, Episode 6

Friday Fables, Episode 6: Getting Clear On What You Want During Retirement

Welcome to this week’s Friday Fable. Today, Lynn tells us a short story about a physician on the brink of retirement trying to figure out exactly what she wants retirement to look at. Enjoy the listen!

Episode 47: What Baby Boomer Women Need to Know About Social Security and Medicare, with Elaine Floyd

Episode 47: What Baby Boomer Women Need to Know About Social Security and Medicare, with Elaine Floyd


Elaine Floyd is the director of retirement and life planning for horsesmouth.com. She’s the author of a few programs designed for financial advisors called Savvy Social Security Planning for Boomers and Savvy Medicare Planning for Boomers.

After 20 years as an independent writer of books, articles and white papers for the financial services industry, Elaine joined Horsesmouth in 2008. She holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from UCLA and currently resides in Bellingham, Washington. 

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Episode 46: How Financial Literacy Affects How Women Invest, with Ellen Sills-Levy

Ellen Sills-Levy is the founder and client insights director of ESL Insights LLC. Part of the world of market research for many years, Ellen has been involved with BBDO International, Citibank, Simmons Market Research Bureau, Investment Research Services, segment head of TNS Custom Research Inc., and Phoenix Marketing International.

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Friday Fables, Episode 5

Friday Fables, Episode 5: Retirement Planning Is a Creative Process

Welcome to this week’s Friday Fable.Today, Lynn tells us a short story about a woman who desperately wants to leave medicine but believes she has no choice but to wait it out. Find out what she learns when she finally takes her head out of the sand. Enjoy the listen!

Episode 45: How Physician Education Is Improving the Patient Experience, with Valerie Weber

Dr. Valerie Weber is originally from Erie, Pennsylvania. The youngest of three children, Dr. Weber was raised by an engineer father and a stay-at-home mother.

She attended Washington & Jefferson College and earned a bachelor of arts degree in psychology in 1987 and then an MD at the University of Pennsylvania in 1991. She trained in internal medicine in Philadelphia and began both her career and her family during those years.

Since 2014, Dr. Weber has served as Vice Dean for Educational Affairs at the Drexel University College of Medicine. She has two children and currently lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

Episode 44: The Life-Changing Power of Mentoring, with Carmen Kahiu

Carmen Kahiu is the operations manager for Geisinger Health Plan Family. Her passion lies in mentoring others to live a life that is prosperous. She loves speaking to students and developing her staff to move on to higher levels positions.

In this episode of Power Of The Purse podcast, Lynn and Carmen discuss: 

  • How Carmen transitioned from Sallie Mae to Geisinger
  • The challenges and opportunities from growing up bilingual
  • The simple, yet often overlooked, step many of us make with managing our financial investments
  • And more!